New branding and unique suite of branded materials for a small yoga business 'with a difference', in Perth, WA.


The client had a unique vision for his business — a yoga centre that felt inclusive to both men and women.
His desire was that the overall look-and-feel needed to represent strength, power, vitality and innovation, with a logo that was "unlike any other yoga brand out there".


Market research showed that most
yoga brands play on the soft, peaceful, cultural references to the practice.
So as a point of difference, we created
a dynamic, geometric logo that represented the '8 limbs' of yoga in
a very different way, playing on the themes of the Fibonacci sequence in nature, and the Vitruvian man by Leonardo Da Vinci. The ever-changing 'exploded' versions of the logo give
the brand a dynamic, energetic feel of movement, and the overall aesthetic
is genderless, inclusive and powerful.

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